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Premier Photographer with a Distinctive Photojournalistic Style

Josie and her team are known for their distinctive photojournalistic style and standards. With an art degree from Pacific University in Forest Grove, Oregon, and a Master's degree from the University of Portland, entrusting her and her team with capturing your event is an unparalleled decision. Fueled by both a profound love for the camera and a genuine passion for people, they consistently deliver the highest quality service. Their ability to create a comfortable environment ensures the capture of the most precious moments, bringing out smiles and joy in everyone.

Leadership and Collaboration

As Sea Islands principal and lead photographer, Josie collaborates with some of Charleston's finest photographers. Having relocated from India to Nevada, then Oregon to Charleston, SC, her international and national photography experience reflects her diverse and enriching journey.

Appreciating God's Creations Through Photography

Josie deeply appreciates all of God's creations and actively engages in volunteer activities, driven by her love for helping others. Beyond her lens, she enjoys various athletic and competitive pursuits, whether running marathons, practicing yoga, or watching sports on TV: She eagerly participates in athletic fun, from tennis to pickleball, and basketball to volleyball. Her passion for life, coupled with her artistic expertise, ensures a photography experience that is both professional and joyful. For more information, feel free to get in touch.